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Computer viruses have evolved from simple executable programs and actually make up less than 20% of computer infections.

Computer viruses are only one category type of infection that threatens our computers systems, files and personal security.

Viruses are part of a group of sinister programs known as Malware.  Some malicious Malware programs can lock you out of computer and even encrypt your files so you cannot access them.  You will have to pay the creator money to get the encryption removed.  It’s called extortion.

The scary part about today’s Malware is… they are often machine intelligent and can shut down your virus software when they are being scanned.

Types of Malware:thief_coming_from_monitor_400_clr_10122

    • Viruses
    • Trojans
    • Worms
    • Spyware
    • Zombies


What are the differences between Malware?

A Virus… is a program like a disease in that it can grow by replicating itself on your computer.  A virus program can activate on a certain date, by a certain event or by a command received from a covert location. 

A Worm… is the same as a virus that is designed to work on a network by seeking out other computers to grow on.

A Trojan… is a virus that is contained in what appears to be a legitimate program that can be found on a disc or downloaded from the web.

Spyware… is a program that’s main purpose is to record keystrokes, read or steal information on your computer.  This can be on a single computer or executed on an entire network of computers.

Zombies… are similar to spyware, however there main function is to silently infect many different computers and then on the command of a programmer or hacker execute a function… such as send out spam e-mail or to overwhelm a server by sending queries (requests) from thousands of infected computers at one time.  This is why spam email is impossible to stop because it originates from Zombie infected computers located worldwide.

Some Malware programs can actually disable your virus software or hide from it.  If you think you have been infected, getting professional if often your only hope of recovering.

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